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Well, it’s that time of year again, Father’s Day! This may be a little late, but maybe I could help the people of another timezone, where Father’s Day isn’t almost over. Or for people who do it the next day. But let’s get to the point. Father’s Day. Now, I feel like everyone is a little less stressed out on Father’s day because they always just feel like a cheap card would suffice, BUT IT DOESN’T! They want gifts too! So, to make your sweat-shopping and aisle-maneuvering a tad bit easier, I have gathered a list of the best gifts to get dad this father’s day!

Rollie Egg Log Machine

The one and only vertical egg cooker! Cook your eggs like a log in just a few simple steps! First, plug it in. Second, crack the egg. Third, put the yolk inside the egg you just cracked inside the Rollie. Fourth, crack another egg. Fifth, put the contents inside that egg inside the Rollie. Then, wait. In no time, you will have solidified egg logs! Perfect for everything! Eating, building, playing egg Jenga, building egg cabins, etc. A dad’s dream, if you’d ask me!


Meat. That one word, makes you think of DEAD ANIMALS YOU SICK MONSTER! But, sadly eating meat is an international custom so let’s forget about that. And, this is a pretty wide stereotype for men, but I think we should just move on with that. But this is true, because men do love meat. And what’s better to embrace that title than the official meat book! Tell me now!

Ear Plugs

Don’t worry kiddies, I’ve heard it to. About every year, when I ask about what my dad would like, I usually hope for him to ask for a material item, but sometimes this guy won’t follow it, and says something like, “Just a little peace and quiet.” Well, that’s what he asked for. These will drain out all the noise for his precious ears, and will probably be wearing them for the next millennium. But it does have its downsides, because I can imagine a scenario when you’d be telling him something, and he’ll have his earplugs in, repeatedly giving out a ‘mmm-hmm,’ and then will drift off and continue to perpetuate that. At least he’ll be happy.

Panera Bread Gift Certificate

You know, people stereotype Panera as a woman thing. That is offensive for both genders. Maybe some women don’t like bread, and some men do! Gosh! Can’t we just eat bread in peace??? That’s why a Panera Bread gift card would do perfect for that person. It will give your dad the delights of Panera and be rid of the weird and awkward feeling that I’m stereotyping you’d have while buying a bread alone.

All American Dog Mullet Headband

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Take a trip back to the 80’s with your dog with the mullet headband! I think this would be a great gift! And it would also be beneficial to the dog, because I think I would take my dog out on about 5 walks a day to get as many reactions today! Order this for you dad or husband today at amazon!

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

So, everyone loves ice cream. Like me, some people love it so much that they are protective of it, which is definitely understandable. But, no matter how hard you hide it, someone’s going to find it eventually. And, even if they don’t, it’s going to melt. That’s why the perfect gift for that guy this year could be the ice cream lock! It comes with a lock, so you have to punch in a PIN to open it. I need this. Like, now.

Skeletal Garden Gnomes

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These gnomes are a nice change from the generic gnome in the world of gnomes. It is kind of a mixture of funny but scary. And it would probably scare your dog off from chewing the ears off of the generic garden gnome.

CLEAR Line Skipper

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If your dad or husband is a frequent traveler, the CLEAR line skipper is a good choice. At the participating airports, you can skip the lines by showing your pass at the security. The American Dream; Skipping lines to the front and annoying the people who respectfully waited in line to get there.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this list of 100% Dad things that they were probably things that I just wanted to get but I’m just assuming it is every dad’s dream to own but they are things that they were too afraid to get themselves. IF you are actually considering to get one of these for him today, you are a bad person because father’s day was over a day ago, but I get it.

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