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Alright, so as probably most you know, there was a huge storm slamming the east coast last night. And, I can tell you a story about how it most definitely did slam us. And give me a story to tell! So, pull up your umbrellas and listen for tornado warnings, I’m telling a story!


Since we have been down the shore for the last 4 days, we have been going to all the beach-themed diners we could find and blaming the weight gain of about 5 pounds on the fact that we are vacation. And I usually never vote against that, but this night my brother and I were rudely kicked out of our invitation to go with our parents, and they went by themselves under the pseudonym that they were going on a ‘date.’ Although we couldn’t go there with them, our nanny took us to a little cute tourist trap shopping area called Bay Village. We started walking around there with our confined limit of 10$ (by the way, thanks for the money nanny :)), and I was in the book shop while my brother and nanny was in the toy shop. After a little while of shopping in those places, we decided to skip on over to the car and drive over to our other favorite shop called The Parlor. But, while we were about a mile away from the parking lot, the clouds began to go dark.

Before we were even close to the lot, the dark clouds began to move closer and closer towards us, and even a little wind began to pick up. I started to think, ‘OK, well we will just move a little faster, forget about The Parlor, and drive home.’ But that thought was not carried out so easily. Suddenly, the winds started to blow harder and harder, and sand from the bay started blowing in to our eyes. Lawn chairs started blowing over at us, and a kiosk fell over! Umbrellas started flying out of peoples hands, and floating away (with no old British ladies attached), and then a heavy rain started to kick in. Before we started to panic, all three of us tried to speed walk over to the parking lot without getting sands in to our eyes, but then the rain started going down awfully hard, and the closest form of shelter nearby was a family-owned pizza place right next to the bay that we ran in to.

Hearts thumping and convincing ourselves that our lives were on the line, we decided to stay in there for a little while. Little pellets of rain splattered against the windows, and I swore that there was a crack in one of them, which made me walk away from any of them. Way across over the miniature field in front of the pizza parlor entrance, we were horrified to see a utility pole be splintered in half by the wind, which made me decide to back away from the windows even further. In the pizza place, I was startled to find that there was a leak from the ceiling! Out of all the things!

After a half hour of watching the rain fall outside, our Nanny finally decided it was safe enough to leave. When we got in the car, I think I was finally relieved and felt safe. But driving home was a task in itself. There were crashed cars, fallen trees, and other unseen obstacles. But after 15 minutes of skillful road maneuvering, we got back to our beach house. But, then, we stumbled upon the worst obstacle of all. THE WIFI WAS OUT!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my chilling tale of the storm, especially the horrible ending that I hope didn’t make you cringe. You can put down your umbrella now, all you old British ladies will be safe from the heavy winds that will take you away.