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  Well, since this is only really the beginning of summer vacation, most people do not want to think about the end of their time down at the beach. But, tropical oasis or not, it will come to an end. The end of my vacation has already come, and now I am back at my same old home, typing away at my same old computer. The second I walked through the door I said to myself, “Can I just go back? I mean, I think I could get away with living in the house in secret when the owners are out doing something…. no.” But, there were also a few reasons that I was glad to be back at my house and no longer on a beautiful island (crazy, right?). So I have gathered my list of pros and cons to coming home on the last day of vacation. And I hope it will help you answer the question if you should just secretly smuggle yourself in to that house for another week or so.

~~~~ PROS 🙂 ~~~~

– At least you can have Christmas

 If you smuggle yourself in to that house for another week, you are probably going to come home with no more vacation days, and if you look at it this way, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! Don’t tell Frank Sinatra! You are going to be stamping envelopes or whatever you do for a job on the day everyone is looking forward to all year round.

– You will have a smelly house if you stay

 I remember one year our family left a potato on the counter while we went down the shore. When we came back, we were greeted with the putrid odor known as rot. Even when we came back today, there were a few odors that we couldn’t trace, but they went away! Problem solved! But, if you stay, you know everything in your cabinet is going to go bad. And it will spoil even worse while you will be on trial for lurking in someone’s home.

– Better WiFi

 When you are out on an island, or something like that, you know that you will barely be able to use your laptop, or watch your daily dose of Netflix. I couldn’t bear the obnoxious loading bar on Hulu for one more day. At least back at your home you can do something without being bombarded by the loading screen. The lamps were barely working!!

~CONS 😦 ~

Back to work

 When you leave the beach, you are basically leaving behind the free and airy world of having free time. You were just getting used to actually having a hobby, and having the time for one! So, now the only time you have are 2 fast-going days every 5 slow-going days. Which world would you want to live in?

– Miles and miles away from a body of water

 One of the many unique things about going on vacation is that you are right next to one of the largest bodies of water in the world- the (insert ocean here) ocean. You are on the edge of the continent! You are overlooking the void! When you come back, you are just at your average everyday home that doesn’t overlook a void except for the one that is you back from vacation 😦 .

– No more blaming weight gain on ‘vacation’

 Down at the sealands, there are plenty of restaurants and diners to eat away yourself at, and you always do that without an objection because you are on vacation! The whole point of throwing away thousands to go down for a week is for indulgence of the senses! Now that you are back, you can’t do that anymore. If you go to 7 diners in 7 days, you will just look like you are eating your life away instead of enjoying yourself.

 Now, after I looked through and improvised this list, I think I noticed the clear and solid answer to this question. The last day of vacation is not a good day. Oh well… at least I have 70 more days of free time to do whatever I want, so going on vacation is a little redundant, but it still is necessary. 365 days isn’t that long…. or at least I’ll tell myself that.

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