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I know. I’m a verrrrrrrry nostalgic person. At the age of 11. And that fact that I am 11 means that I don’t have much to nostalga-ize about except maybe a few little things when I was little. But I somehow find a way. Anyways, if you are thinking about the post I made a month or so ago about my blog-o-versary, and that it was bizarre that I am making another post about it after it had past, that was my ACCOUNT blog-o-versary! I am making another one because this is the one for this blog.

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In favor of this very special occasion, I will count down the days (starting tomorrow) to the day by re-writing the way I would today the first 10 posts. And I will include the original at the bottom.  The first of ten posts will be up tomorrow. So, I will say more words in about 24 hours exactly. I’ll just remember that the time it has to be up tomorrow is 8:03 PM. CHEESECAKE!!!!