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To start off our third day of re-writing the first 10 blog posts (click on the link for an explanation https://charlierocks123.wordpress.com/2015/07/27/very-special-things-that-you-have-to-read-now/), let’s take a look at the original;

Today was a mixture of fun and odd. When I woke up I went downstairs to find the Tv blaring. The lights were off on the way down so when I saw the TV I yelled “HISSSSS” and fell on the ground. Then I got back up and saw the toaster strudel commercial. It reminded me of the time my Mom pointed out that i stopped eating toaster strudels right after I saw the commercial. That boy gives me an uneasy feeling and when he says “Gooey, Flaky, Toaster Strudel!” It really sound disgusting and slimy when he says gooey and flaky. Then we went back home to our house and went to the Town pool a few hours later. The water was so cold, but when I went out of the pool the air was even colder. So I stayed in for a little while and then I noticed that my friends Thomas and Nick were there and we had fun for a while. Then we went back home later and just hung around. Then I wondered about why at places where you buy a cup then you can get your drink yourself, someone doesnt just bring there own cup and use it there. it is illegal but it would you save money. Then later I started typing my blog. Thats it for now, so See you later!

Oh God. I wrote that? I remember the day I got off the computer after that post, feeling like I just summed up the entire works of Shakespeare in about 229 words, and now that I look back on it, the only aspect it is good in is nostalgia, because there is no way I could ever write something like that today and live with it. But, if I said I would re-write my first 10 blog posts, I will, so let’s begin, shan’t we not?

I guess I could safely say that this day was a mixture of fun and odd with a touch of awkward. So let’s rewind the show to where we began. When I woke up, I began to trail downstairs still taking my first blinks off the day. Like a baby who was jut born, I was getting used to having my eyes open until when the glare of the TV struck me like a lightning bolt and I toppled over, and like a cat with an unsafe safety pin plucked in its tail screeched a loud “HISSSSSS!!!!,” and finally fell over on the ground. I stood back up and wiped my eyes, and caught the famous Toaster Strudel commercial come on.

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I used to shove those carb cakes in that hole like there was nothing else in life until I saw that commercial. Oh boy. But when I did see it, my whole future was ruined. I mean, seeing a freaky looking German boy wearing a liederhausen, and telling me that a gross Pop Tart spinoff is Gooey and Flaky. It just gives me the uneasiest feeling to hear that, and know that later in my life it would be in my mouth.

Anyways, after a few hours of binge watching The Simpsons (because we all do at some point in our lives), we decided to take a trip down to the town pool. Town pools always freaked me out, and I’m sure they did the same to everyone. I mean, bathing in a pool of some little kid’s pink eye bacteria and another’s whatever always gave me the sense I would come out like the last person did. But, despite my opinions, we went anyways. The water felt like I was wrapped up in a blanket of Siberia and thrown in an icy river. I stayed in for a little while, then noticed that my friend’s Thomas and Nick arrived. We stayed and played for just a little while, then I got bored and we left, and spent a few more hours binge watching Disney channel shows that I completely forget the name of.

Later, we waltzed over to the Famous King of Pizza for dinner, and I notice they had those free refills things, and I thought about one thing. You go out for dinner, and you buy a drink. They give you a cup which they say you can have free refills on, but what if when you leave, you bring the cup and the next time you go you can just fill up again! I bet they didn’t think about that! That’s probably not even illegal! Just, really, really, REALLY, mean.