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And, yet here we are once again, re-writing another one of my blog posts from about a year ago. Back then, the president was the same president there is now! The music was still terrible, there were still trees, and the dinosaurs were officially knocked off of the Earth. Today, some parents make their kids wear padding when they go in to the car, and some parents tell their kids that if there is ever a crash to use their forehead to protect the impact from the bodies. Wonderful advice. Anyways, let’s not waste precious time rambling on about the TRUTH IN LIFE, and let’s start off the post by the old post from just a year ago.

UGGGHHHH. Today it was raining outside so there was nothing to do. And I also found out that my friend Ryan is in another class then me. Other then that there was nothing to do but think about but why people say ow when they get hurt, like why dont they same “FAT ALBERT!” Another boring day of watching tv and playing video games. You know what, Im starting to miss school.

This is unjust. This… this should be illegal. I shouldn’t be doing this as a tribute to my past self just a year before, I should be yelling, “Burn the witch!” But, that witch is me. Yes. I think I’m a witch now. What a scary word. Witch. Witch. Which witch is the witch from which witch I just witched out? Anyways, LET US REWRITE! FOR NARNIA!!!

ERMYGURD!!! Today the planets frowned down on us and made it rain. And then the clouds took on that request and then we got thousands of gallons of salt water dumped on our heads. So, if you can translate that, it means that there basically was nothing to do except count the days until you die……. Anyways, there was one thought, one little thought bubble, right there in my mind, growing and growing like a tumor until it was big enough to pop in to my attention span. Why, when people get hurt, or pinched or something, would the say the word “Ow.” That has to be the most bizarre thing! But we can’t break out of the habit because we are just so used to just repeating to same old “ow” that even if we try to say something a little more distinctive, like “Bart,” or “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis,” it always ends up coming out “ow.”

Also, if this chain of events could get anymore depressing, I found out that my friend Ryan was in the other 5th grade in our school this year, which was a fact that frowned upon. Another boring day of sitting around the house, binge-watching Weird Al Yankovic music videos, and playing video games. I’d have to say, at this point, I’m starting to miss school.

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