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Now, luckily, today there is a short one to re-write today. For me. Ermygurd, I can barely think of words today. No analogies, no humor, I feel like just a stone. See? normally I would have put something before or after the word stone, and I can’t even come up with an explanation because I can’t think of words. Before I cast myself in to a trance and find myself writing an incredibly long intro like I did a few nights ago, let’s go and show the old blog post, the one I did around a year ago called “Life Happens.”

Sorry i didnt blog for the past two days. Just remember this. LIFE HAPPENS! I am just a human being like you (Sorry if you aren’t.) On saturday it was the play for that acting class that i was doing. It went on for a little while so when we got home it was late so i didnt have time to blog. Yesterday all i had to blog about was why quicksand is called quicksand when it works slowly. So today i decided to blog because i normally do that. We didnt really do much today. We went to go to Carols Candy Corner and I saw there was like 30 bikes leaned against the store. The owner of the shop ( Carol, Obviously)told me that a man walked in the store with his kid, and he said “Excuse me, but we would like to buy the green bike.” That would probably be awkward. So not much happened after that and here i am. Anyways not much to report except thats a bug, and im looking at a gnome. Bye!

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Oh god. I will be completely honest, the only fact that I approve of myself a year ago was the decision to make a blog, and everything blog-wise I did back then I completely regret. I mean, read this post! The only thing it is good for is nostalgia. Anyways, let us re-write!!!

I apologize for not blogging for the past two days, but I am only human! It’s not like I can just cave out a crevice in my schedule for free time! LIFE HAPPENS! Learn to deal with it! To explain why I wasn’t able to, my Saturday was completely jam-packed. I had the show for the acting class that I was doing, and it leaked a little bit in to the later hours, around 9, and I couldn’t write because I was sore and beat from all the singing and dancing.

And all I had to blog about the day after was why quicksand was dubbed ‘quick’ when it works as slow as a pregnant turtle. And the only real thing that happened that day was only one short thing when I trotted down to Carol’s Candy Corner, and I noticed that there where about as many bikes outside as there are antsy paparazzi members crowding around Taylor Swift. Carol, told me that earlier a man walked in there with his child, and apparently didn’t know how to read logos, because he waltzed in and blatantly asked, “How much for the green bike?” How awkward? So, then there was hours of re-watching Dr. Who episodes while eating Fritos. Also, I thought about the age-old question, what came first? Water or ice cubes? Then, I guess I started typing. And typing some more typings.