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Alright, on my third blog post that I will be re-writing today, this one will be about cows. Charming. So, let’s start with the original.

This morning I went to an acting class that im doing. It was really fun, but is almost over and im getting paranoid about the show that’s coming up. Other than that, today was pretty boring. We went to the town pool for like 30 minutes until we got bored and left. Later, i mostly just watched TV and thought about why brown cows eat green grass, but produce white milk. And I noticed that saying America runs on Dunkin means America is fat. I also thought about why Chick-fil-A has chicken burgers, but they sponser cows? Other than that, today was pretty boring.

Holy cheesecloth! Again, so many lowercase I’s. i can barely even look at one without cringing! OK, so before I wrap myself in Saran wrap than drench myself in plaster, let’s start re-writing! Like I was supposed to!

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In the morning, I went again to the acting class that I have been doing ever since last Monday. But, the play that we are working to put on is coming up tomorrow, and I am incredibly paranoid about it. Other than that, today was just the anticipation of that day. We went to the town pool until we reeked of chlorine, then we left. And then…. Nothing. Wow. Everything else that happened that day mostly happened in front of the TV. I did have a few questions about the life though. Why do the same brown cows, that eat green grass, produce white milk? And, the line “America Runs On Dunkin’ Donuts” is basically transmitting the message that America is fat. Finally, why does Chick Fil’ A sponsor a cow when they have chicken burgers? OK, now that I got all that out of my system, goodbye.