Yes, my misspelling of show was deliberate. Anyways, on a less forced note, tonight there was a play. Cool. There were lots of plays tonight somewhere in the world, but in our tiny, small town of Haddon Heights there was one play called “Breaking Character,” that was based on the frequent and relatable topic of not getting the role you wanted in a drama club. AND WE POWERED THROUGH IT!!!!

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Try to guess which one of the 19 children is me. It’s like Where’s Waldo, except without a depressing red and white pinstripe shirt and bad hair

We were all “Extraordinary” people, who didn’t need to be “At All In Love,” who powered through and showed that we were to opposite of “Not That Smart,” who showed that we lived no “Hard Knock Life,” and had no trouble letting our “Freak Flag Fly. And those “Poor Unfortunate Souls” who weren’t us we showed some “Little Known Facts,” while also prayed that “I Hope I Get This Role,” while acting completely frank, and showed that we were “Broadway Babies” after all. Poor frank, who is always portrayed as some blatant, and outgoing and loud person.

BUT WE DID IT!!!! Only with two weeks to put on a production and only 3 hours a day, I think we did a pretty good job! Even though there were a few mix-ups and a few kiss-ups, someone either covered for the line or made it sound better. BUT WE MADE IT HAPPEN!!! Even when we were abruptly woken up at 8:00 in the morning to go to and dance around when you’d rather lay in bed (thanks for that Steve Allen (it’s fine)), we got through it and we lived to tell the tale. Either when we were put through a freezing community center and a sweltering church theater, we got through and again lived to write and to breath. I love breathing. It’s fun.

Before the show, we were all pacing around a depressing rectangle room next to the stage and thinking about how we were going to run away before we would ever have to deal with being on a stage. We were all nervous. I messed about like half of my lines in rehearsal and stuff, and then I was breathing in my water bottle like an inhaler even though I never needed one. But then we all went on and KILLED IT!!!

But first off to the actual play, we got in our monologue positions to say the lines we made up. The theme was what role you would play. Now, I hate what I wrote, because every year I picked something I knew I would be embarrassed by. So, apparently I learned nothing from the previous year, and I had to say, “If I could play the role of any character in any play, I would be Peter Pan. Yes, the live one, even though it’s a woman’s role.” Cringe. But I said it, and I’m sure almost everyone felt uncomfortable at that point. Then we all talked about chicken and broccoli, and ate a nice paella, and then told Cinderella to give the slipper up. Then made Ratatouille eat his tail, call Scream and threaten him, and then tell DaVinchi that none of it happened. Oh, wow I’m beat. I’m starting to see birds. Well, just a little ‘congratulatory-ations’ post. Great job, Rising Stars, and thank you too, Steve Allen, I hope you see this. If you can, forward this to Amanda, and Ariel, and Katie, and even Libby. Happy Birthday Tin Man!!!