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It’s been a long 78 days 18 hours and 30 minutes, but now summer is finally coming to an end!

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Well, I get how it is abnormal for a kid to anticipate the death of long, boring days of kissing the couch and swooning over the air conditioner (I know, summer isn’t really that great everybody), but I’ve always spent my time waiting for the time to come. And I’ve even started DIY-ing for Halloween! Which is 74 days away, just for the endless and needless stack of information in your mind. But, with the end of summer coming, as everyone’s helium leaks out I’m just being inflated! See, I’m the worst at analogies. I just compared children to balloons. I guess that could be a tad bit accurate, what with all the hot air…

BUT WHATEVER!!! This whole summer I’ve been checking the calendar and looking at the clock, and finally it paid off!!! The coming of fall! The sweet smell of September in the air! Falling leaves, scarecrows, the fresh smell of pencils newly being pulled out the box, the depression of all the other kids… and the gourds! Oh the gourds! I’ve always loved gourds! And pumpkin carols, and decorations, and trick or treating, and scarecrows, and more scarecrows, and falling leaves, and the fresh smell of pencils newly being pulled out of the package OH I’M REPEATING MYSELF NOW!!!! ERMYGURD WHEN WILL THIS LONG AND DARK QUEST TO CLIMB THE STEAMY, SADNESS-SOAKED MOUNTAIN OF SUMMER!!!! I should stop with analogies. Really. So far I’ve compared young children to balloons and summer to a sad mountain.

But do you know how odd it is for others to hear about a child excited for going back to school? For to hear someone say “Yay! School again!” Yes. I’ve gotten all that. I’m the one anticipating the early in the morning 6 hour captivity. BUT I DON’T CARE! IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE YOU BOTTLES OF CLUMPY HOGSAUCE!!! THIS IS MY MOMENT!!!!