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Wookies…. some may say they are a hairy, nonsense creature from the Star Wars movie that don’t exist at all… some may say they don’t exist. But I say wrong, with my sightings and theories that the Wookie may be the missing link in evolution! And we might have taken some key things from them!!

You’d might like to listen to this while reading the scientific revelation.


It was merely a game of monopoly. My Nanny and I were playing, and of course, we were getting tired after about 2 hours of mindlessly flopping round the board. Then, before I did, Nanny dozed off slightly, but it was her turn, so before she was wiped out completely, I whispered over, “It’s your turn now!” She rolled her head, and before opening one eye, she opened her mouth and, without realizing it, did the Wookie Call!!!


Oh…. well this is embarrassing. I don’t have another sighting. Ok then. I’ll just find one…. GOT IT! This guy! He is obviously a wookie!

Featured image

And… let’s look at this evolution chart I made that will show what I mean by the Wookie being the missing link.

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Does this sound crazy? Does all of this seem like it is coming out of nowhere, or if so the depths of insanity inside the vast and maze-like broken-down parts of my mind? Well, think of history! Bigfoot- could that be an unevolved, mispercieved wookie? The signs point to yes. Look at the Patterson footage!

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This VERY REAL picture shows that the Wookie is bigfoot!

So, what do these signs point to? Was Star Wars just a hint pointing to this missing link in history? Were we all Wookies at one point? I believe, that at one point, we all were Wookies, and that explains many things about us. First, the greater half of us believe in Bigfoot, and Bigfoot is a Wookie, so that means we believe in Wookies, and that means we are Wookies. That may sound a little shaky, but trust me, we are Wookies. And more signs point to. You see, my wookie sighting mentioned earlier with my Nanny shows that we took traits from the wookies, for instance, the call! And hair! And… some other stuff… like short temper! Yeah! America is cranky! And so is every other country in the world.

So, before I lose my credibility and start talking weird, I’d like to finish this research study up with saying that THIS IS VERY REAL! NOTHING MENTIONED HERE IS FAKE! THIS IS NOT A SATIRE! THIS IS REAL LIFE. OK? GOT THAT! THANK YOU! GOODNIGHT!!!