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Well, there are 5 days until school starts, and I honestly couldn’t be more excited! Just listen to me when I speak before you eternally shun me. The beginning of school also brings the smell of Autumn, the crunch of leaves, the sweat and terror of being lost in a maze of corn, ripping out the entrails of a pumpkin, the hours spent and lost in a bulky costume, the tears shed about the coming of school by the other kids… I’m getting emotional typing this!

Anyways, because of all this, things have getting a little frantic down in the ‘burbs. Buying all the supplies, visiting people, doing last minute summer trips, relaxing from the last minute summer trips, making DIY Halloween decor, pacing up and down the kitchen table in anticipation of school to come… it gets in the way. So, I won’t really be able to blog much for this coming week or two. I mean, I will try to get things through, but it there is something going on I just won’t bother. That is the exact reason why I haven’t exactly been posting that much recently. So, until all of this passes over, there won’t be too much to see in this dusty corner of the web. Until then, I bid a farewell!

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