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I solemnly welcome the otherworldly month of October! Boy, do I love the fall! The crunch of leaves, the smell of leaves, the color of the leaves, the leaves filling in to piles on street corners… what a 3 months!!! Alright, that was fun but here is the gist. Are you listening. NO YOU’RE NOT! That was a test! You can’t listen to a line of text, silly. Alright. But, spiraling in the hazy depths of fall, I decided to do NaBloPoMo again!!! But, when I was going on to the website to sign up, milk spilled all over my brilliant idea, leaving it to rot and smell of dried milk, I guess. It turns out the registration for NaBloPoMo ended yesterday!

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  But then, I realized; Did I really want to spend every day of the month slaving away in the back of a brainwashing screen for hours at a time for the slight entertainment of the upper class? Or did I want to do it on my own free will, when I want to, when I want to, and be able to pick my own theme, which this entire month of October will be Halloween! Every post I write will be under that theme of Halloween! Not a word won’t fall under that category! And, also because I didn’t like the NaBloPoMo theme this year, which was food. You know, I like food. It tastes well. But I don’t love it as much that I’d spend a whole month ranting about my next ‘culinary dish’ or my experience at an overrated restuarant which cost $90 for the use of a single fork! After some time, every post would look like I’m under some trippy spell, and every post would end up being a few sentences! “I really like food and tonight I ate a paella in Francetown which is a place in France and I also ate a loaf of bread in Chinatown which is a subregion of franceTOwn so yeah.” And I’d rather not be labeled a foodie for the rest of my life to come.

Also, for the entire month of October, my header image of the blog will be temporarily changed to something a little bit more festive. This is it! (Although you have probably already seen it if you have managed to read this).

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It is just a little something I whipped up with my trusty Photoshop. Photoshop is always there for me. I love Photoshop.

So, I believe that is just about it! Everything written on my blog for this entire month will fall under that theme. Get it? ‘Fall’ under that theme! And I’m writing about Halloween, which is technically in Fall! Oh, those puns. But, speaking of this month, I will try to slip in everything. Dumbest Halloween movies, pages from a witch’s notebook, ghost stories, Halloween jokes, my list of rejected Hollywood movie monsters, and I want to steal a little thing from a magazine I am now obsessed with and put my tribute to it in here with Mr. Fixit Deals With Your Occult and Paranormal Problems, and so much more! I will also try to update much more frequently. So, after everything I have said, I think this will be a great month!