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Normally, on this uneducated trash can of a website, I like to take a glance in to the deeper aspects of the universe. Take a walk on the weirder side. But, what I’m about to show you, may be a tad bit disturbing for those who just like to fester on the normal side. Truth be told, these will leave you gasping for air from laughing, for I, in all fairness, have peed myself while looking at these. In some retrospect, they might be a little scary, but the only scary thing about them is the fact that photoshop is not present in these. So, without the anticipation I normally include in about every blog post at this point while I drone on and on in this sentence in particular, we shall begin!

(Note: I took all of these picture from the website Awkward Family Photos. If you notice the subheading stating that in the pictures that is what it is)

1.) The Pig Family

Featured image

What I want to know about this image is why the pig looks like someone smudged dirt on her already pink face.

2.) Star Trek Meets Smokey The Bear

Featured image

Ho hum. I swear, as I saw this one, I nearly died from laughing. But, with my keen talent for poking out the abnormalities of images like this (which there clearly is an abundance of), but what I noticed about this is why the bear pulled his pants up past his waist. Also, that pose he is doing in nonetheless unpleasant to look at.

3.) Leave room for the homicidal dalamtions!

Featured image

I think they focused a little too hard on the eye liner there. And they needed a little bit more focus on how eerily creepy it would turn out to be. Call the priest!

4.) Mrs. and Mr. Depressed Ponies

Featured image

I don’t want to be a part of society anymore now that I’ve seen this.

5.) Clown in a tree?

Featured image

Any other subject, I understand. Humans… not so much…

6.) *sigh* Elephant Family Reunion

Featured image

  This is where I really, truly, died. If falling on the floor and having a seizure-like laugh attack because you saw a picture of an elephant family photo is something that happens to you often, I’m going to call the priest again.

7.) The what the family?

Featured image

I’m done. I’m just… just… just done…

8.) If the Wizard of Oz was 5 decades too late

Featured image

That poor dog in the basket. They did not agree to this.


Featured image

That clown in the middle… no words…

10.) Sickly spiderman

Featured image

This is like some Martha Stewart sewing project gone horribly awry.

Alright, so that was my list of awful Halloween costumes. I hope you were disinspired to actually do something good for yourself this Halloween, and course away from anything involving these. Although some were clever. Mostly just awkward. Actually, not mostly, all just awkward.

By the way, for Halloween this year I am going to be Donald Trump. Does there always have to be a reason? No. There does not. End of story.