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October 21st, 2015.

Some may view that day as a landmark in cinema and taking the trek in to unknown territory in the hit movie Back To The Future 2.

I view it as nothing else but a rat’s arse.

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I mean, the first one was very good, I must admit. That was way ahead of its time, and it put a good taste in the mouths of everyone who watched it. But the second, not so much. It perception of what the future would be like today is completely unrealistic. But it is not like they could personally consult the people of the future and ask them what was going to happen.  They had to look life in the eyes and come up with something that would be believable enough for the ungrateful simpletons of the 80’s.

And, I’m guessing, what came out of that was this picture;

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A hologram shark attacking a teenage boy who just arrived in his past town from the past. And all of those people just ate this up!

So, we are celebrating a day in which this all is supposed to happen. This shouldn’t be celebrated. This should be burnt, kicked, and buried. As I am currently residing in the future, I’d say most of this stuff is just the incomprehensible rant of someone who probably just left the bar. I know this may sound may as well to the people playing in the movie, but aren’t they the ones who feasted off of the undeserving profit from this? The sad, lonely 80’s people who just lost their money’s worth on such an awful movie? This, my friends, is exactly why I can just voice my opinion right now, blatant and disrespectful as ever, screaming at the top of my lungs,


I couldn’t care less! Today you are seeing news headlines, twitter posts, status updates, everything of the sort on the same topic: October 21st, 2015, Back to the Future 2 Day. But really, I think the only novelty people are holding on this day is the fact that nostalgia sets in after at least 20 years. That is why people still hold some of the worst older movies to themselves closely, like A Christmas Story, Home Alone 2, and about every other stupid 80’s Christmas movie. No one ever learns from it. And that is exactly why I am presenting you with these incredibly malicious and stupidly unnecessary rants tonight. I hate Back to the Future 2, and there is not enough romantic comedies in the world to quell the rage festering in my heart right now.

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