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I’m aware of all the hype and excitement going around. I am truly sorry, but,

I just don’t know how I feel about the new ‘Peanuts’ movie, but whatever it is it is not good.

It just seems like, with all the CGI and modernization, they completely washed over the old charm and cute humor that the old times brought to us. Like everything else making its way through the theaters nowadays it serves a single purpose and that only- to make the older viewers feel the nostalgia. That is this movie. But there is none in anything that this is bringing.

Just imagine if Vincent Van Gogh concocted another masterpiece painting, all sitting there for generations to view and look over, letting the minds wander and marvel at the ways. But, imagine a new guy comes in, gets the painting, and besmirches it, painting a face that will make most of the crowd like it more, but it mostly wore off most of its charm and now feels like a poo. That’s what this movie is. Metaphorically speaking.

Of course I will go see it, but most of the time I will probably be scoffing at the screen and be shushed by the other watchers. I’m sorry. This just looks like exactly what it seems like. We have turned the Peanuts in to a holiday tradition. Halloween? Watch the Great Pumpkin. Thanksgiving? Watch the Thanksgiving one. And the list goes on and on and on and on. We have our fondest childhood moments watching the barely animated Peanuts make jokes that maybe were funny around 40 years ago, but now the memory will be taped over in to the new and modern versions of them. I have watched the Great Pumpkin and all of the episodes countless times, and can officially state that they are timeless, and will always be there. But now, all the Peanuts have cellphones and Google glasses.

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Oh well…. I guess I can’t change everything that annoys me and pointlessly list my frustrations down in a rage-vent rant. I will just have to watch the crash and burn myself and see how right I probably am. But, for now, just wait my friends… you’ll see…

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