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Aw, the holiday season. Bright lights, Thanksgiving dinners, snow falling down gently on the windowsill, leftover Halloween candy, peppermint sticks, uplifting music- it is just too much. But, as we burrow ourselves in to this generation further, you keep seeing this seasonal cheer being repeated and recycled on the Hallmark channel and on every commercial break, and at this point I think I can disrupt the ways of society once more and blatantly call out that enough is enough and….

Christmas has gone too commercial.

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I mean, the day after Halloween I guess everyone starts to think it is socially acceptable to rant about Christmastime. There is about 100 memes to bring the point across if you’d like to look at those. But, I swear, in early October is the beginning of it all. I mean, that is like the opening day for the endless stampede of Christmas advertising. Walmart gifts, Black Friday sales, Macy’s commercials (the store). It is just too much!

All Christmas should be is a tree and a cup of hot chocolate instead of the utter besmirchment of the once glorious holiday that now stands before us. The over-production of it all is astoundingly awful, if you think about it. Two Hallmark channels devoted to show the worst Christmas movies that where ever worth anyone’s time months before Christmas is here. They are so bad that they would make anyone standing on this tiny earth want to punch Santa.

Pumpkin spice turns in to peppermint, leaves turn in to pine-smelling Yankee candles, it is just too much. I don’t mind the occasional gallon or six of eggnog though. That stuff is like heaven in milk jug. One of the suffering products of this Christmas war, yes, but nonetheless wonderful. I am getting sidetracked here. One of the most notorious facts that face the commercialized season at this point every year that all of this Christmas cheer goes on before Thanksgiving even rolled around!!! Think of the turkeys that are sacrificing themselves to be chewed up and spat out by all of the dirty corporate sickos behind the whole endeavor. And you know what is the most ironic thing about it? That right now, at this very moment, while I am venting about Christmas being too commercialized, I am currently humming some Burl Ives song.

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But even the musical element of Christmas was stepped on by this. This season, everyone turns on that one radio station that will replay the same 5 songs for the entire month of December. And, if you’ve ever waltzed through the aisles of any store during this month, the next month, or the month before, you’ve heard it. And you’ve seen the endless and quite pointless array of holiday themed stuff. You know what? I just remembered! I have to go pick up some Christmas themed cat scat! Red and green for the season.

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Oh well. If America truly wants to live past the true and whole meaning of Christmas, that is completely fine by me. The true meaning of Christmas is to buy enough eggnog to last through the entire year until the next Christmas! Learn your morals!