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Sock monkeys. Everyone has seen them. They invaded our culture like a bomb. But, there will always be one surviving fact suffering between the sock monkeys and our reality. The fact that I love them!!!!

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It just…. just…. is the fact that….. I don’t know. I can’t explain. It is like there is a universal bond between the sock monkeys and me that I just couldn’t ever seem to get over and at no time ever wanted to. They are just so simplistic, charming, and inviting looking. A strange topic to discuss, yes, but nonetheless these things are wonderful.

I remember the time I got my first sock monkey. I recall I was around 7 years of age, and had been fantasizing about buying my own sock monkey after we took a trip to my mom’s friend Frog’s house, who had an array of about 5 sock monkeys in a display window. Don’t ask me why her nickname was (and still is) Frog. My mom and I had taken a trip down to a shopping plaza near Wegman’s (that is a national landmark to the shoppers who go there), and there was a Learning Express store in that general vicinity where I remembered seeing a sock monkey. You know, we always loved to go in there to play with the toys that they have in there, and we only ever bought 1 thing, yet entered around 17 times. But that time was the time. I ran over to the section over yonder and perused through the bin of monkeys, carefully scrutinizing them to see if they were adequate, until I found the right one, and had a miniature aha moment of my own.

That was the day. A magical day. A day of truth. A day of beauty. Later on, while I was working on a Christmas list, while sipping hot cocoa, listening to a Pandora radio station playing Christmas music while holding my sock monkey dear and tight, and out of the blue, it started snowing.

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Alright, well I think my words have overstayed their welcome at this point. I think I dragged the point across. Sock monkeys are beautiful, life-bringing creatures that define the universe and the ways only in the title of their name. So, if my highly opinionated bias hasn’t switched you over to the lighter side of the moon yet, I don’t know what will. Just buy a sock monkey. Hold one. Hug it. And, at that moment my friend, you can officially state that you just shook life’s hand.