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Boy, would I like to have a blog post tonight! I honestly, really, truly would. But, set aside my parents going hysterical in the other room over that Donald Trump episode of SNL, and my brother, who is practicing his banjo upstairs (nice job, Marshall, I like that song), I, myself, am getting distracted from looking on Ebay and visiting a Japanese cat app frivolously. So, instead of actually blogging words that mean something I will resort to incoherent babbling, one of the prospects of future butterflies. Like meow.

ERMYGURD I ate this chicken paella last night that’s so fetch am I right? Let’s go to Starbucks and drop my labtop on the floor! I got this app that tells me where I am! And one that tells me if it is dark outside! AH!!! RUN AWAY!!! BUBBLES!!!! I am afraid of dogs that look like magicians…

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WHY CAN’T WE HAVE 4 PAWS!!!! ARGH!!! I bought a printer but my cat ate it so I hooked up my cat to the computer and it can print better than a printer! The word count on this blog post is at 188. Now it is 192. We are already closing in on 197. SO MANY WORDS!!!

Why does there need to be two eyeballs when one can do just fine!!! Or ears! Geez! My printer cat ran away, so I found it. And printed a picture of a cat. Because my one real cat isn’t good enough. JUST KIDDING I Don’T HAVE a CAt!

I need to go to bed GOODNIGHT MAGICIANS!!!!