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Happy birthday mom! We have had quite the times in this shared 11 years that have passed by, the only times I have had to share!

Remember all of those times we had? All the laughter that was shared? Like, last year when we were on a shuttle bus going through Philly and it took us around 3 hours to get home? And when Dad started freaking out at a Pizza Hut and picked up the seat? That was fun.

You are as amazing as He-Man singing that 4 Non Blondes song (sorry I had to bring it up again!)

It is just… just… no words will come out to come a tad bit close to describing what it is like to be the heir of you. Lack of words are coming out of my mouth to describe it, but in the good sense. I wouldn’t be here, mindlessly typing away at the computer if it weren’t for you and your ways. You just have a keen insight on the universe and the people in it that you can’t find in anyone else on this earth. Uniqueness is the word to describe it. If you even dare to ruin the surprise and open your email inbox, I take back EVERYTHING THAT WAS JUST SAID!!!!

You are as amazing as this display of sock monkeys that I made with the magic of Photoshop and Google Images.

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THEY WILL TAKE OVER BEFORE YOU CAN TAKE A CHANCE WITH BLOWING OUT THE CANDLES!!!! Age is just a number… actually it is a word, but I just stole that off of a meme. Don’t think that you are getting older but that you are getting more used to the universe, getting wiser, and being more you. More shared moments, more laughter, all of that funneled in to your mind.

You are probably not even done with half of your life, if you want to think about it. I would have like to have bought something, but I am on parent benefits (which is the 5 dollar allowance), and that is my only source of income. My money is spent on funding the sock monkeys soldiers, equipping them with better weapons and drafting new monkey recruits. Feeding them isn’t easy; they only want the ‘red’ M&Ms. And they will only eat the McDonald’s breakfast in the morning, which beats the purpose of the whole day thing. But I am getting besides the point. You deserve the world, if the world could be wrapped in a present and given to someone. Maybe Gods from another universe do that with other worlds, wrap them up and give them to other Gods. You deserve the universe, Kristin Olson, for you are the one who helped it, laughed with it, and kept your head up in to the sky for the whole trip round. You have reached the peak, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go any higher. The boundaries have moved away, after they saw what you have done on this world so far and how high you will go past them. I hope you take in this post through the heart. And, for the words that were meant to be yelled from the beginning…