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*UPDATE*- Yes, I am aware of some strange altercations of the text and some messed up stuff going on with this post. WordPress just updated and I am trying to get used to it 🙂


So far, the world has been littered with aspects of befuddlement, strange parts of the universe that we never quite understood, and that’s ok, as long as we get to see them and maybe crack a joke or two during the journey. Tonight, we will be zoning in on the category of children shows, the soft spot in our hearts as a side effect from all of the nostalgia dating back to the good old days. So, without further ado, we shall begin!!!

  1. Boobah


As the young chap I once was, I loved this show and its weird ways. This show has been subject to mockery throughout all of these years, and, after the researching I have done, I have finally uncovered why. Good intentions, which you can see are embedded within the episodes but are not clearly visible, for what you see are maybe the visions of someone who has been wandering the desert for a handful of months, or maybe someone who just left the bar. The plot is based upon 5 multicolored gumdrops, who only communicate by making scary noises, like squeaks, clicks, and squeals, and for some reason that scares me. But, if there is one thing that I can ultimately recall from my earlier years is that this show has British producers and actors, so, they would always say, “Grampoo!” It may not make complete sense of what I am saying by just listening to my rants like this, so, you might understand the complete shock if you’d just watch this video.

    1. Oobi


I think this show will go down in history as that show with the talking hands. A nightmarish subject to go on about. I guess, as the plot goes, a hand with eyeballs goes around to explore the world that surrounds him. This show, as my new flawless theory presents to you, I think this show is knee deep in black magic. Because, for instance, hands don’t have mouths and little children talk through throats. Oh well. This show, as I am glad with all of these, is cancelled. Good. Here is a little clip to show what the heck I am talking about.

    1. Teletubbies


There is no possible way to make a list of obscure children shows without featuring this. This…. thing show, will go down in history as one of humanity’s creepiest… anything. I fret about the generation of children this show affected. I just find it so disturbing, like with that vacuum cleaner title Noo-noo (?), and the distubing faces that each of them have. And, you know what? This black and white video of the Teletubbies does not help one bit. Nightmares for the next week!


4.) Pee Wee’s Playhouse


Oh, god. This show. My dad, every here and there will put on Netflix and play this exact show, containing the elements of monsters. I can never tell if it is a really twisted children’s show or an adult comedy that no one laughed at. It just seems so unrealistic, so scary, just not the something that you’d want your child to see on the television. The show takes place in a house, with everything inside of it alive and with horrifying faces. Everything that everyone would like not to think of comes to life in this plethora of the distubring. You’d understand what I’m saying if you would be as kind to watch this trailer of the show. But, firstly I must constitute a dare. Watch it in 0.5 speed, and the horror comes to life!!!



5.) Jigsaw


Yes, I am aware of a horror movie that is strikingly similar to this show, with the same exact name. I don’t have any words to describe the feeling of disbelief that washed over after taking a single glimpse of a clip that was provided. Really. This exists. The fact that this show is a thing makes me want to be done with you people! My gosh! Only a sick person could come up with such content! I don’t think even adults should be permitted to watch this, as I am already regretting decisions that I can not take back. Oh well. Sweet dreams! Just a word from the not so wise, that is noses he is growing there.



    1. Ei Ei Yoga


Yoga for children. Lovely.




Ok, yes, I am aware that I may have disturbed everyone for life. Now, I need to go sleep. Hopefully that horror movie gardener doesn’t come and take me in the middle of the night, or some hippie yoga teacher, no Boo-Bahs or Pee Wee Hermans will be present either. Alright, I’m not sleeping now!!!!