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I swear, WordPress keeps making me feel like a foreigner crossing borders over to the States or some other country. All of this with their updating is making me feel strange and unfamiliar. Just like my blog post yesterday, where it switched fonts in the middle and the numbering changed to letters. Again, there has been a new update, one that I am not particularly fond of because I had to change workspaces and freaking write on OpenOffice because WordPress was so laggy. One more second on there and I probably would have died from this generation’s gift of shockingly low temper.

All the time this has been popping up, WordPress changing the style of how you write and the Statistics page. I can remember last year when I came back to WordPress I felt like I did, indeed, go and set foot on foreign ground. And there was another time when they messed up the statistics page for me and now I don’t even know how to find out how many comments or followers I have gotten so far (it doesn’t seem as if there is much to check- but still)! AND A BUNCH MORE EXAMPLE THAT I AM TOO LIVID TO TAKE RECOLLECTION OF AT THIS POINT IN TIME!!!! But, the point is, my point is, the point I am not getting to is that the last chunk of diamond was spelunked yesterday when I was trying to write my blog post about disturbingly weird children shows, when I logged on to WordPress and, to my horror, the format of writing a post completely changed. I had no idea how to add tags to it, none of how to actually use it, and, the worst of all, it added a new ‘Save’ feature where, every time a word is written, it saves it so you don’t lose it in case you’d be stupid enough to exit out of it (which happens to me every other day). That sounds like a good thing, I presumed, but, once I tried it, it caused complete bedlam on the computer, just lagging the thing up, for we have an outdated system in society today but I honestly don’t care about the age of the computer as long as we have a one that works perfectly fine. So, I had to drop what I was doing there, go on to OpenOffice, and write the blog post there, and I forgot to change the font before I published it, then I panicked, went back to edit it and only highlighted half of it to change in to a normal font, leaving half of it in that strange one. But, once I tried to fix that mistake the computer crashed, not allowing me to step foot on WordPress grounds.

So, that was my tale of WordPress mishaps and how I’d like the old one back to me NOW!!! The one before the fancy statistics page that I barely know how to work. The one before this new update that completely disables my use of WordPress unless I go on a Word document and copy and paste it. The one before the other updated new post page (which I just got used to, by the way). Yep. That’s the one. NOW STOP UPDATING AND RUINING MY LIFE WORDPRESS!!!!