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It’s this time of year. The small window of time before Thanksgiving that everyone views as the gateway to Christmas. Now, if you have seen me rant before you would notice (and if you haven’t I believe it is abundantly clear that) I have been strict on the wait-until-Thanksgiving-to-talk-about-Christmas thing. But, at this point, I think I can finally say…



I’m sorry, but Thanksgiving has been taking much too long to arrive. I have been patiently awaiting for this holiday to come, so the day could end and I could view it as socially acceptable to talk about Christmas. I swear, this whole month has just been that anxious wait, or annoying foot tap some people do when they are impatient enough to just wait silently. But, Thanksgiving has been coming too slow this year, so, that is why I must. Woo hoo. Pilgrims eating canned hams.

Sure, I love Thanksgiving, but it has just been too much to wait for. A holiday surrounding food is like the dream no-one ever had. And also, it is embedded with our American culture and our customs, so there really is no avoiding it, and that’s ok. But now, I’m starting to see why life is fixed on Christmas right now, and that’s because Thanksgiving won’t budge. 8 days away or not, it is still a holiday celebrating a dinner between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. And that puts to focus a lot of questions that have been brewing up in the Crock pot I bought in my mind off Craigslist. Like, how did they get the cranberries without taking the trip to Walmart and buying the canned kind? I’m just kidding, I know that all cranberries aren’t canned. BUT STILL! And how would they preheat their oven to 325 degrees in order to cook their turkey? Would they just have to eyeball it with their fire and all? Ugh. You see, this is what draws me to the conclusion that I love Christmas, and no conclusions can draw me away from that.

I mean, with the Burl Ives singing you know what, all of the lights, TV specials, signature colors, the same 5 Christmas songs being played on repeat every hour of the day, enslaving trees and forcing them in to our humble abodes, it’s just too much… I’m tearing up thinking about it! Ok, ok, let’s get back on track. But do you see what I mean?! I just want it all, and now!!!


Alright. I love Thanksgiving, but it is acting like a snail coming to us. 8 days or not, it is taking forever. I just want Christmas! NOW!!!!