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Oh, gosh. Another 365 days blew off of our clocks, and, at this moment of reflection I have seen that over this span of 365 days, we have jumped over hurdles and were all engulfed in a realm of pop culture, stupid shortened words and non-stop ramblings from everyone in America praising Hello by Adele. So, I am worried about what the next year will bring us, and I haven’t even come to understand this one! After an immense trip down Google lane, I have gathered the definitions, to help clarify the meanings and stupid words of that this year has brought to the table. Without further ado, let me show you More Teenage Text Terms, And Their Definitions.



Pronunciation: (b-AY)

Definition: I’m guessing not many were aware of this, but Bae is also Danish for poo. More commonly defined as boyfriend/girlfriend, or something among the lines of that. It had to be included because it is one of the most annoying words of the century through my eyes.

Origin: I thought it was just something that came out of Beyonce’s mouth, and I still have no evidence to prove otherwise. But there is no point in finding some, because, as long as I don’t hear people going around saying ‘Bae’ anymore, that will be enough to me.


Pronunciation: (rah-OH-ful)

Definition: This is short for ‘Rolling on the floor laughing.’ I am not currently aware of why people would ever need to say that when there already is a modern convenience for ‘Laugh out loud,’ but, I guess I will just go with it.

Origin:  Yolanda and her friend Wanda were texting one evening, where Wanda sent Yolanda a meme. Not just any meme, the meme that rose above all others that Yolanda has seen. It eclipsed every other meme. It was smart, funny, and all of the above. She was about to text back ‘LOL,’ but she gave it a little thought, and decided that a meme like that didn’t deserve to be described with such a cliched term as ‘LOL.’ So, she used her think center to concoct a term that perfectly fit this god of all memes: ROFL.


Pronunciation: (A-T-M)

Definition: This one is short for ‘At the moment.’ I’d much rather just typed the full thing instead of make someone mistake the meaning for an ‘Automated Teller Machine.’

Origin: I don’t know. I can’t even make up a tale to fit the description of an origin. I guess this one will just remain a mystery…


Pronunciation: (pul-EE-zz)

Definition: This one is short for please, and, I have to say, whenever someone texts me this instead of the actual words, they are no longer friends because they lack the dedication to write the full word. THEY DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT ME ENOUGH TO TYPE THE FULL WORD!!!

Origin:  A teenaged boy was to take care of the shopping list and buy some groceries at the local ACME, where, he saw a sight unlike others. Limited Edition Eggnog Ice Cream. Now, he was on a strict budget and was to buy only items that were on the list, so he grabbed his cellphone to bid approval from his mother. He was riddled with excitement, and his hands were shaking, so, once trying to text the word ‘please’ along with the picture he sent, auto-correct kept contorting the word based on the mistakes that went along with it, so ‘please’ kept getting changed to ‘plasticky.’ He gave up on the word ‘please,’ and in the frantic haze that he was currently entwined within, he changed it to ‘PLZ.’


Pronunciation: (S-M-H)

Definition: This is short for ‘Shaking my head.’ I’m guessing the proper way to fit this in is if someone sends you something imbecilic or dumb.

Origin: A man was trying to take a picture of himself, but, in the middle of the taking, he sneezed. It was funny under his eyes, so, he posted it to Instagram, completely blind of the fact that the picture would go internet famous within the night. He sent the picture to his wife, who was on a book tour in Africa. She replied with the word ‘SMH.’ (They had a divorce the week later)


Pronunciation: (A-F-K)

Definition: Again, I don’t have a clue on why the heck this a thing. But, while it is, I guess I may play along with it. This is short for ‘Away from Keyboard.’

Origin: An 11 year old boy was playing a video game on the family computer whilst communicating with his friend via a text chat on the screen. During the tenure of the game, the boy realized that a bad case of ‘the poops’ was coming under, so, without thinking and not having enough time to write the whole 3 words, he hastily typed ‘I’ll be AFK for a minute,’ and hopped off to the privy.


Pronunciation: (pee-OH-pul)

Defintion: This is short for people, if you couldn’t tell already.

Origin: The way this term was brought in to the world was when a woman posted an extremely offensive ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ meme to Facebook. Someone who was quite upset with it protested, “ugh… i will never understand ppl.”

Alrighty. That was my blog post. I hope I’ve cleared up a misconception or two. I know for sure that I did while finding these! I believe I have heard around half of these, and I’m sorry, but I have never cared to find the definitions. There was no reason to ever do it. Never have I used a single one of these, and never do I plan to in the life ahead of me.