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It was a relatively average Saturday night. All I was doing was perusing Buzz-feed, that annoying click-bait website that keeps you for hours. This is life, I thought to myself. But all of that was slowly washing away, and it was all sucked in to a vacuum the moment I heard a noise, one that was immediately recognizable to me, for it was my ringtone.

I was being called.

Unwary is the word to describe the moment. I was not aware that what was about to come over me would hit as a tsunami would. Being as oblivious to the major idea going on, I answered, following that action with a singular, innocent, ‘Hello?’ There was no response to follow, so, knowing that this most likely was to be a caller that did not have the intention of phoning me but someone else, I moved the phone for my ear to my hand, ready to press the ‘END CALL’ button, but, as I was to do so, I heard a voice. ‘What do you mean, hello? You know who this is!’ promoted the end of the line. Before I had a chance to give words to this matter, the mysterious voice continued. The voice sounded as if it belonged to a 30-something cat lady who shut herself away in her apartment for most of her life.

‘I am hurt, I am upset, and am crying. I am throwing rocks outside your window, and I don’t see you there as a target. YOU HURT ME!!! I will be seeing you at night…’

The call ended. I was mystified, horrified, and by all means scared poopless. I had not a clue of what to do. The police. My mom. Ultimately, I had to go with the latter, and I climbed up the stairs, heart pounding and starting to go in to hysterics. I was being threatened. I did not know how to deal with a 30-something crazed lady. With the thought of being hurt trailing through my mind, I woke her up, crying out all of what was happening, and, right as I was saying this, my phone started going off, so I answered it to show her. Sure enough, it was them, scratchy voice and all.

In the background, we heard a ‘NO, EMMA!’ But then followed in the distinctive voice I’ve encountered moments before, ‘Who is this?’

My mom had a firm grasp on the situation, and she handled it well and had a fleeting suspicion of what was actually going on.’This is none of your business to know who this is. Now, who is this calling.’

There was a pause. The person on the other end called out once more, ‘YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS?!’

My mom continued, ‘Yes, we do.’ But, it didn’t end right there, for my mom bluffed, ‘And we are reporting this number,’ a move I am so glad she made.

I was upset, shaking, riddled with fear and uncertainties. Maybe I was safe, but there still was someone who was probably outside our home, or another person’s, for we thought them dialing here was a mistake. I was petrified in some sense, because I was threatened and was horrified. That is, until we got a call back momentarily. ‘Charlie, this is Kaya.’

And then it hit me. The scratchy voice that sounded like something of a 30-something crazy cat lady was that of a girl in my class, whose name is Kaya. I got it now. This was a prank phone call.

‘Kaya?’ I called out, happy to hear that I wasn’t due to be murdered within the next few hours. Fear somewhat washed away, although I was still a little panicky and shaky. ‘Yes, Charlie, this is us. Kaya, Lila, and Emma.’  It was a relief to hear her real voice instead of the scary one I was forced to face within the last few minutes. Alrighty then. I was dealing with a group of people. I knew what to do now. ‘Wh..wha..what… but…but… WE ALREADY CALLED THE POLICE!!!’ I lied to give them a taste of their own medicine. They scared me with the fact of a murderer. I scared them with the thought of the authorities.

CHARLIE!!!!’ I heard them all scream. I had let them panic for around a minute, before I dropped the bomb that I was bluffing. I had not called the police on them, but rather lied to scare them. I was mortified moments before, and I still am at the thought. Just the terror that washed over once I heard that. The drop in my heart. But, at least I tormented the tormentors.

After 3 days, I have not dropped and neither have they. I don’t know why they feel as if they can hold over my head that I made them think the police was after them, when they were those who originally scared me with a fate much worse than that of spent in a prison. Oh well. But, I have to say, this was a story that was just meant to be told. In the present day, I vow to get them all back by this. Maybe not tonight, because I tried 2 people in the group already, but one was not susceptible to such shenanigans (Kaya) when I prank called her with a website, using the feature ‘Confused Grandma.’ She warned Lila before I could even try, so, when I did, I started talking like Obama until she said, ‘Charlie, I know it is you.’ I WILL GET YOU ALL!!!