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It’s that day again. Black Friday.

This is the day where millions of good deal hungry hippos of people become engulfed in a battle royal at your nearby department store. This is a traumatic time for America. I swear, yesterday I was at my mom mom’s house for Thanksgiving who lives close to a Target, and, as we were there, we noticed the long line dwindling out over to the road, the line filled with brainwashed Christmas shoppers.


I don’t understand it. I don’t have faith that I ever will. I will stand by the inevitable bias that I don’t like it. I just feel like, if you want to save 50% on a TV, there is an amazing thing called Cyber Monday that I think you should try. I believe you should take heed to these warnings, so hopefully you would be the wiser the following year. I have never, and hopefully will never challenge the mad cows inside any store just to get a good saving for that picture frame you are buying Aunt Ruth. And neither should anyone. I just don’t understand what drive people to take it that far, and take on the riot.

Listen in as I steal this quote from a popular meme.  People are camping out to purchase junk for others and themselves after celebrating a holiday where the centerpiece is being thankful for what they already have. You know, maybe I am softening this a little too much. Most of the Black Friday shoppers have probably boycotted Thanksgiving dinner to buy this. I bet the week before was cleared out just so they could camp out on department store grounds to get a better deal, later to be trampled by the inhumane bulls that those people have turned to.

I mean, sure, since I am yet to become 12 and underage, disabling my ability to take a turn to a department store, the only reliable source to be told of these facts is that of news headlines and horror stories on the web. But, I think that is enough to stay on to these facts of mine. But, I believe it is a good thing, that I have no experience of my own on this topic. I’d rather keep all my limbs instead of risk having to pay the full price. Dear god, people, let’s stop with all of this. The day after Thanksgiving millions of cattle like humans go out to fight all of the others willing to save just a dollar or two. I’m done…. I’m just… just… done. If you want to risk coming home with a lesser amount of fingers than the amount you left with, that is your decision, and not mine to control at all. Goodbye you people.