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I guess you can say that it is true that I am now finding myself, sitting behind a screen 3 minutes before the clock shifts to 10:00. I don’t know. I’ve been procrastinating all day, and even watched an hour long Ellen DeGeneres stand up show where the main focus was procrastination. I didn’t even know life could gets so ironic. Alright then. I can’t honestly believe I have found myself entwined in this situation. All day, I have been constantly repeating to myself, ‘Work on your Social Studies project for school,’ where the farthest I’ve gotten to completing the task I’ve assigned myself was to merely take a look at what I had done so far and set myself to do it tomorrow, whereas yesterday I did the same thing. So, to get this whole day behind me, I will completely drop everything I planned on doing for a blog post tonight and take the easy way out, and write a story.

Nathaniel was playing in the outdoor conservatory, where, he felt a familiar tingling within the bowels. He took to the privy, and let what was yearning to be let out go in to the watery realm beneath him. Just as he was about to get out of the small capsule, there was an unnerving noise ringing from the very wood of the privy. Some disturbance was spreading throughout the outhouse. Sudden bedlam erupted the entire privy, and the threshold of the shack broke down, leaving the rest to do the same, leaving nothing but a boy in a world without the doors to cover him. He rubbed his eyes, seeing that the only thing that was left of what was once something beautiful was the seat of which he was sitting upon. The boy rubbed his eyes, sat up and tightened his buckle, looking out to only see that he wasn’t anywhere near the conservatory.

The yet to be an 8 year old marked his surroundings, suddenly noticing that he was not anywhere near his abode in suburban England, rather in a field of some sort. He walked around, leaving what was once a toilet behind him, only to take account of his new surroundings. He was both enthralled and frightened to see such a change take place right where he was, so, to explore this wonderful new realm he had by some chance landed in, he went off to see what this mystical land had in store for him.

In to the woods he went, with the pleasant morning sunlight shining down upon the world he somewhat stumbled upon.  He frolicked throughout the wide array of trees reaching the heights no man could see the end of. But, as he moved closer, the color that was once flowing through the land suddenly was drained away, leaving a bad taste, where, everything stopped. The wind was still, the trees were nonchalant spears sticking up to who knows where, when, all of the leaves went and shed, leaving just bare sticks. He moved forth, than everything revolved to him. The trees had eyes.

After this shocking discovery, suddenly the happier realm leaked back in to the bleak universe that he had just touched base on. Color has returned. This had drawn Nathaniel to the complex solution that this wasn’t real. A horror show. A facade, a deeper meaning hidden away within the winding depths of this sick reality. Color leaked away once more, and the boy realized that he would have to escape this phantom reality before it was too late, and a consequence might be bestowed down upon the poor boy. He took off running, through the trees that simply watched him as he moved on, where, he stopped. It wasn’t his decision. A force of the unknown had taken him hostage, where, this subnormal being had turned him around. He could make out something in the difference. A figure, the shadow of what looked to be the ghostly headmistress of this sick realm, seemed to come in to place, being pulled on a carriage, with, instead of flesh and blood animals to be pulling the carriage, it was an entity unlike others. An animal with characteristics of a horse, but, it seemed to be form entirely out of wood, and there was a multitude of them (meaning 2).

Nathaniel was facing sheer terror. Nothing of the sort has he ever experienced before this fateful occasion. The beautifully crafted door of the coach opened wide, as a woman dressed in all black stepped out, keeping her head down as her blond hair protruded in a mess, until, this spectral being finally began to lift her head in to the air, and, what was to be seen on this time was MARIAH CAREY!!!!!!!!!