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Ugh. Tomorrow is the end of NaBloPoMo, which is what I have been looking for, say the last 29 days. Am I really expected to write a real blog post tonight? I am currently typing this on my phone while watching QVC. I don’t know why I ever even bother to watch it. I never mean to, it is just on. The fact that I am typing this on my phone instead of making the journey across the house over to the computer just shows how much I really do care tonight. I’m just keeping it short tonight. I hope you enjoy this copied and pasted meme that is completely irrelevant to the situation and meant to divert you from the fact that I only care up to the point that I stop writing about whatever’s going on and just post a stupid meme that I stole from the internet.


And here is this


Ok I’ve done enough here GOODNIGHT!!!