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For an entire month, every single day, to be specific, I had to endure the torture of having to write a blog post every single night. It was hard. BUT I GOT THROUGH IT!!!!

I jumped hurdles, traveled on the underside of trucks, chewed my way through a giant vat of black licorice, binge-watched horrible Christmas movies that are played incessantly on the Hallmark channel, and after all of that, here I am, being able to finally just say right here that I did it. I actually have free time now! Room to have a social life! Even though I can’t necessarily say that I did it within the rules we were given, because at three different times I wrote about absolutely nothing, which was the case yesterday. BUT WHO CARES!!!

And all of the posts were rather long, with the exception of one or two. I’m sad to say, though, after this, I have thought to myself that I will never do NaBloPoMo again. To be fair, last year I said the exact same thing, and, if you were to look where I am now, I am typing the exact same thing right now, and now it is most likely entwined in my fate to do it once more and deny repeating the cycle. Oh, I don’t care. This was a great experience, and, for lack of a better word, it was a lot of fun.

If you have caught on by this point, though, at the middle or so of my NaBloPoMo escapade, I somewhat let myself go, because the only intent that I was fixated on during that period of time was that of just trying to make it out of that mess without getting myself murdered by the collapsing threshold of this universe I have created myself. And that is still what I’m doing, because, at this moment, oh, I can’t believe I’m sharing this (I’m so ashamed!), I am watching Hallmark Christmas movies. You know what? I think I am going to just stop right here, before I put myself in to making a monologue about how I detest Hallmark Christmas movies. I am just so glad this is over. I’M OFF THE HOOK!! I DON’T HAVE TO WRITE NIGHTLY ANYMORE!

I am taking a break, BECAUSE I HATE ALL OF YOU PEOPLE AND THE PAIN YOU MADE ME GO THROUGH FOR THE PAST 29 DAY!!!! Well, if you were to blog without end for days and days, eventually reaching an end to the once a plethora of ideas to rant about and just having to come up with topics out of thin air, you would feel like I’m feeling right now. So, whenever I feel like blogging again, which will most likely be within this week, because I am that good of a person. Ok, again, I am just going to stop right here before I get myself in to a pointless monologue and end up making myself look worse than that of the way I already make myself look, so, GOODNIGHT!!!