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2 days from now, the Earth makes another monumental shift in to the uncharted path of the bountiful 365 days before us all, a land of the unknown. Our last days of 2015 are here, and I’d like to make the most of the time we have left before that happens. So, here is my pre-New Year Bucket List:

  • BEFORE 2016, I want to find the panda.


Seriously though…. I can not tell you the amount of hours spent trying to find where Waldo’s cousin is.

  • BEFORE 2016, I want to go on one of those hoverboard things and hopefully not burst in to flames while doing it.
  • BEFORE 2016, I want to find the cat.


  • BEFORE 2016, I want to find out why the world won’t stop obsessing over Adele and Star Wars
  • BEFORE 2016, I would like to have a meme made of myself
  • BEFORE 2016, I want to wear The Dress (remember when everyone was obsessed with that?)


  • BEFORE 2016, I want to sip straight out of a satanist Starbucks Christmas cup.


I bet the only play ‘Have A Holly Jolly Christmas’ 976 times in a day.

  • BEFORE 2016, I will ‘Netflix and chill,’ catch the runaway llamas, hunt down the Cecil the lion killer, go to Jurassic world, show Antman pesticide, and shoot down the Millennium falcon.


  • BEFORE 2016, I want to eat Chipotle. E-coli bacteria or not. I want Chipotle food.