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Ever since late January, I have been obsessed with the X Files. I feel like that was a show I was born to watch. Like, it was a fixed point in time that one day I would blindly decide to spend my days binge-watching a show about aliens on Netflix. But this show has really opened my mind, something which is indeterminable whether it is good or bad, because now, my reasoning behind every thing to exist is aliens. It’s not like I’m wrong though. ALIENS ARE OUT THERE!!! The angel and devil that appear on your shoulders when you are making a decision are no longer there for me- now it’s Mulder and Scully.


I so desperately want to see an alien, the desire to see one is intoxicating and it is starting to cloud up my normal thoughts. For example, any car that drives behind our own when we are on the road is a government official trekking behind to exterminate me because I know too much on their hidden agenda that a secret society of elites are devising a way to eradicate of most of the general population so they can keep us under control while they rule the entire land we once called our home. Also, every light we see piercing the night sky, whether it be when we are driving home from visiting somewhere at night or some other reason, the light that is thought to be a plane voyaging throughout the realm above us is most definitely a foreign unidentified aircraft that is going to land within an unknown government air base where they test alien technology that they harvested from the Roswell crash of 1947. Every time you have deja vu, when you feel as if you are living an event that you lived already over again, it is actually an extraterrestrial entity delving within your mind to monitor your thoughts. I need help.

Obsession is the prominent word to describe the relations between me and the X Files. I JUST CAN’T GET IT OUT OF MY MIND AND I’M WATCHING IT ON NETFLIX AS I TYPE!!! OH MY GOD!! If anyone doesn’t like the X Files they are no longer a respectable human through my eyes. Mulder and Scully though! I can’t get my thoughts out straight! I just can’t stop thinking about the different aspects of the universe that we have come to believe aren’t true. It’s just groundbreaking for me to see all this unfold, even though the storylines can be just pieces of caffeinated rants strung together to make the most flawless, perfect tale ever to be told ever. Alright, I hope my words have sunk in by now, but for the time being before you decide to binge-watch the whole series and forget about everything else in life like I have, the truth is out there.