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Well….. so….umm… this is awkward. It feels nice to sit here once more, aimlessly staring at a complex and detailed void that we call the internet. I wonder who was the person who invented the concept of the internet, because they basically created a monster. We’re getting off track here.

It’s been an interesting month (in other words, binge-watching Japanese anime series on Netflix while also regularly going to Hot Topic). But seriously, even though I do have some legitimate reasons why I couldn’t write here for the past 39 days there was a pressing weight that fell on me during that time that drove to the point of beginning to write a sentence, but then getting distracted by either text messages, Netflix, cat photos, or just basically dropping the whole idea because I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Even though I was never doing anything other than binge-watching anime and going on Instagram regularly it was just a hard thing to imagine. The inspiration to write here kind of just went bust and it was hard to say anything of my own for a while. But, for the most part, I have rekindled the dismayed embers and hopefully I am back in the throne (if they had thrones in the sewer which is probably my level)!

In order to make things easier to actually write here, I think for the beginning I will just make it go by a schedule, and for a little while instead of writing about my normal things I might go for fiction stories and in other cases, funny and ridiculous things that happen in my life. But, before all that happens, please enjoy these photos of cats next to cucumbers.




Wait… that final one, if you look closely, isn’t a cat next to a cucumber. Who is that?….wait a second…. IT’S MIRANDA COSGROVE!!!!