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As you’ve probably seen spammed in your Facebook feed nonstop recently, Netflix released a new supernatural horror mystery period drama series on the 15th of July. Right when it was released I have to say I watched half of the series that same night. Granted, it was only eight episodes long. Through its’ delightful spookiness, grandeur storyline, and likable characters, this was about the most wonderful show probably ever produced by Netflix.

Set in the 80’s this show is about the disappearance of 12 year old Will Byers, who was taken by a dimension jumping creature from another world. His friends, out looking for him, find a very strange little girl who goes by the name of “Eleven.” Barely knowing any English, and acting like she was chained up in a windowless shed for most of her life, Eleven seems to know something about the disappearance. It’s essentially a government paranoia fueled period drama topped off with an alternative universe and a murderous alien being.


Alas, all wonderful things have a negative aspect to it, as did this show. First off, I hated Winona Ryder’s character, who played the frantic and harried mother of the missing Will Byers. She delivered a powerful performance but half the time she was woefully saying “Where is my son?” and the other half, even when the body was uncovered, she was screaming about how Will was still out there, even if it meant abandoning her other child at a morgue or filling her home with Christmas lights in order to communicate with him, or even breaking a hole in the wall with an ax. Although she turned out to be right, her character is still as horrible and hard to watch as before. I mean, I contemplated skipping over the scenes she starred in because her voice gave me a headache.


My favorites had to be the 3 friends of Will. There was Mike, the leader of their little cult (my personal least favorite). There was Lucas, the smart one who, like Winona, was always mad at Mike or freaking out about something (again, I didn’t like him either). And then there was Dustin, the only comic relief of the show and the reincarnation of the Pilsbury Dough Boy with a genetic disorder that rendered him toothless. And then there’s Eleven, the mysterious girl who quickly became somewhat friends with Mike, who was my favorite character in the series because of her ties to the conspiracy I mentioned and her way of delivering a powerful performance without saying a word. But she was also incredibly frustrating, and I kid you not if she was more helpful the series would have been a total of 3 episodes long.

Every human alive deserves a chance to watch this fan-spooking-tastic supernatural horror science fiction period drama. If you don’t have a Netflix profile, sign up for one. It’ll worth it. Or just find a sketchy online website that hosts ‘legal’ movies and TV free of charge (but you didn’t hear it from me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).