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It feels like September is some sort of seasonal relief. In the midst of suffering the unendurable weather we’ve put up with for the past few months, leaves fall and everything changes. Anyone can attest that this is the distinctions between seasons, but I view it as some sort of demimonde between the insufferable heat of Summer and the harsh and unyielding cold of the Winter. That’s what I love and always will love about the season. Seemingly infinite lines of 30 something white stereotypes wearing red scarfs and UGG boots waiting to get their first pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, the look and smell of ruptured pumpkin organs, early comers who decorate for Halloween the second September hits, it is all too much to take in. The general aesthetic and feel of the season to come is a whole different world in itself. So, I beg of you, enjoy the beginning, sip an unofficially released Starbucks PSL, and have a wonderful day