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I have blogged religiously for 2 years now, but over the preceding months I have lost a bit of the energy and motivation to do so anymore. Over these past few months it has become more of a liability than actually something I would enjoy to do, but whenever I actually went to write I found myself enjoying it and promising to write at a more frequent rate. A lot like going to the gym in that sense. But, I swear to god I have dozens of drafts saved that I never bothered to finished. I have found my self so infatuated with my current life that I keep exiting the flow of it and subsequently losing interest. That is my general area of concern with this whole structure and platform. Motivation is extremely lacking in my general mindset. And with the whole new introduction to middle school I find myself even more distanced from the platform than I ever was. The website is essentially a ghost at this point but I will soon resurrect it with the coming of NaBloPoMo and the drafts I am currently finishing as of now, for I am now sick of the abstinence I’ve been practicing on this blog. Alright then. Speaking of me, I dropped my phone in a 7 foot deep river of rocks, and my student ID was also in my phone, so THAT will be fun explaining to my homeroom teacher. Well, I think that was enough. Thank you for reading. I will now play a gag I keep resuscitating as a result of my lack of comedic material. Enjoy this complimentary photo of Danny Devito.