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Preceding this post was the loud and hectic transition from elementary to middle school.. Generally, going from paroosing the deserted and somber hallways of a small, suburban town elementary school to running from class to class and navigating my way through the acne-ridden elders that own the hallways is bound to reside at some degree of terrifying. I knew this from the start. But this was like a whole new level. An unexplored and unfathomed layer in a 2 storied building. I literally had to bring a map around with me in an attempt to maneuver my way through the meandering hallways and to maintain my obsession and need for the imminent sense of control. It just felt overwhelming at first. I spent my final days in elementary patiently awaiting the end of my tenure while also making my time as the top of the educational hierarchy worthwhile and memorable. Then I was just dropped off in to a completely different environment where I had to periodically rotate between different classes and routinely open a locker (which I forget the combination of on a daily basis, thanks for asking). It’s like being dropped off in the dense African wilderness with no preparation and definitely no idea of how to properly survive without having your windpipe ripped out and chewed vigorously in the beastly maw of a lion

Aside from that, there is something endlessly clawing away deep within the inner confines of my mind, which is the distance between my home and the school. It is essentially the walk of legends. Diet-ers would murder to have the opportunity to walk this prolonged distance that I am forced to complete twice daily. Since I live in a town that is without a bus district and is instead run by people too rural to be urban and to urban to be rural, thus stuck in the unsatisfactory demimonde of suburban-ness, there are no exceptions to having to make these great lengths twice. In a day. Probably another cruel fitness regime devised from the charlatans dubbed the board of educations, but still.

Another crushing blow is the association that my fellow classmates have taken to their heads. Their communal belief is that, because they are now doing mature things such as juggling their classes, fraternizing with puberty and its devastating side effects, they all now believe that they are in fact mature. They believe that they are now mature enough to go off about dating (coming from the people who still use the term ‘like like’ because they haven’t yet reached the mental maturity to even comprehend the word ‘love’ or ‘have a crush on’ because they’re too busy giggling and watching Veggie Tales). The entire Junior High dating thing should be outright abolished and condemned, but that isn’t the main concern. That leaves people like me (who has never experienced romantic feelings for anyone because that will probably only happen to them after their general age group doesn’t wage a comparison with an 8 year old Minecraft player) out of the game and ultimately out of the drama. I’ve found ways to work myself in the midst of the whole industry, thoug

In general, I’ve enjoyed middle school…. so far. Aside from a few minor flaws, it’s been fine….. so far. There has just been a preeminent fear lingering alongside me that the workload would soon increase and it would get painful but there has been none of that so far.