The Essential Charlie

If you’re just starting out here, DON’T GO BACK!!! I wish I had like some, I don’t know, giant flytrap to keep you in so you won’t be released in to some other idiot’s corner of the internet. Anyways, if you are new to this blog, these are a couple of great places to get started.

16 Reasons New Jersey Is Most Definitely NOT the Armpit of America

8 Practical Ways to Surprise Mom This Mother’s Day

My Dog- The Bane of All Squirrels!

An Open Letter To My Future Self

The Expectation Vs. The Reality of The First Day of Spring

The Balloon Man

Best Friends Day

An Open Letter To The Person Who Started Calling Me A “Last-Minute” Shopper

A Note To Black Friday Shoppers

I’m Not Letting Halloween Go

Teenage Text Terms, And Their Definitions

“It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!”

The Square Bagel

Any joke compilation (just search for it on the tab)


Hello World!

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy your stay here! DON’T CLICK THAT X IN THE CORNER OR ELSE YOU’LL LEAVE THE PAGE! Don’t, just stay!

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