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The day is finally here. Thanksgiving, to most of us, is the one day where it is acceptable to gain weight without being questioned by anyone or anything. The scale is the only thing that can insult you on Thanksgiving. Of course the cheery title is ruined by Black Friday, but I’m just living in the moment. I love it. The smell of the turkey while it is in the oven, the smell of a happy holiday. The burnt turkey leg you get, then laugh about. The whole thing can’t get any better. Though there is always one terrible reality on Thanksgiving, and I always feel bad for the people living it. Of course, you know what I’m talking about. Being a vegetarian on Thanksgiving.

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Of course they have their reasons for not eating meat, and I respect that. They stand tall by their statements. Oh whatever. What I’m really saying is, I just can’t imagine. Everyone taunting you, while they chew meat off of a turkey drumstick. Whenever I imagine it, the vegetarian’s vision goes red, like in Carrie. Oh my gosh, it must be terrible. The meat says yes, but you say no. Who knows, it might be okay, since they don’t want to eat animals for a reason. But it is not like that they can bring the animals back to life. They are already dead. I just can’t bring my mind to believe a turkey-less Thanksgiving.

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I know the first Thanksgiving had no turkey at the feast, and I know that there were no cranberries, potatoes, or bread pudding. But knowing that now there is those types of food, knowing that everyone else but you can indulge themselves, is just unsettling. Myself, as a turkey addict, can not just let a turkey go. Let a big, fat, juicy turkey go. This reminds me of one year, when I was in first grade. It was three days before Thanksgiving, and I was eating my chicken nuggets at McDonald’s. It was my first time actually eating nuggets, and I chewed down on it. I said, “What is this made out of?” My mom answered, “Chicken, why do you ask?” To my horror, a playback of a man stabbing a chicken went in to mind. A spinning wheel, like in The Twilight Zone, had my mom telling me about the meat, the man killing a chicken, and myself, eating a chicken. That began my 3 day long vegetarian phase.

On Thanksgiving, I was planning on skipping out on the turkey, but it was too hard. I took a big drumstick, and stuck my teeth inside of it. Joy filled me, and I laughed. If you read between the lines, you could tell that I’m saying that without a turkey on Thanksgiving, I’d be a deflated balloon, or a plastic strip of bacon that a child mistaken for a real one and bit in to it. The turkey is the solid base of a Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t know how it got there, but lets just make the best of it. Vegetarians do have a reason for their love of animals. I love animals, but it can’t stop me from eating them. Yeah, it’s complicated.

Only 364 more days until Thanksgiving!